North Miami born and raised artist Majic, also known as El Majico, is the new face of Urban Pop Latino. A perfect fusion between Latin and Hip Hop culture, Majic represents a breath of fresh air that the industry has been missing. “I make music because I love it, it’s in my soul!” he says “Music that invites people to my lifestyle, the Miami South Beach lifestyle!” he adds, “Miami is the Majic City we work hard and play harder, from South Beach to the ghettos of Miami!” Since the release of his first single, “In A Daze” he’s been traveling and gracing stages worldwide. Majic’s music has been compared to platinum artist Pitbull and Flo Rida. ” I don’t mind the comparisons, Pitbull and Flo Rida are from my city, they help break down the doors for Miami artist’s to get money!” he adds, ” You gotta love that!

Majic’s single “In a Daze”, an up-tempo party track boasted airplay on 49 stations including top markets Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Boston and Miami, he’s become a huge hit with the ladies. According to Majic, this is due to the positive message geared towards women that he promotes in his music. He is currently working with such producers as Grammy Nominated Cool & Dre, DJ Affect, and Nick V and Eric V of the Baka Boyz, as well as Kieth Ross, Kustom Beats and Drumma Boy for upcoming tracks and “EP album” in 2014. These tracks show promise of being just as intoxicating and addicting as his previous records.

Majic hopes to leave behind a legacy of inspiration and dedication. “I want to be remembered as the BEST Latin artist to ever do it… who came from nothing and got a mill ticket legit!” he says, “I’m in Scarface mode right now , I want the whole world and everything in it!” What truly separates Majic from other artist’s in his genre is that he song writes and produces most of his own records. Majic is working day and night to fulfill his vision of greatness and success. Majic City is a household name in the notorious streets of Miami, they offer artists and producers the opportunity to work in a professional setting and make money to live their dreams.

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